Much stable and configurable IPv6 connectivity with TunnelBroker on an Asus RT AC66U

In a previous post, I explained how I set up an IPv6 connection with TunnelBroker and my RT AC66U router.
The other day I had to do a hard reset of my modem. After that operation my public IPv4 address changed. So I had to change this information in the TunnelBroker interface. Furthermore with this change and my previous method, the LAN IPv6 prefix for my network changed. At least a part after the /48 given by TunnelBroker. So I have two problem to solve:
  • Can I update automatically my public IPv4 address registered at TunnelBroker ?
  • Can I configure the router so that I have a full control on the LAN IPv6 prefix (I don’t want to change my DNS, and fixed addresses) ?
Is it possible automatically update the TunnelBroker IPv4 address ?
The answer is yes. TunnelBroker provides a dyndns compatible update mechanism, and thankfully the RT AC66U does support it.
Before going to the router interface, some TunnelBroker information must be retrieved.
On the main page, you must note your User ID (a long alphanumeric string)

Then from the IPv6 Tunnel tab, you must note the tunnel ID (a number)

Finally from the Advanced tab, it is a good idea to create a specific update key for the tunnel in order not to use the account password.

Now you have all needed information to configure the Asus RT AC66U router in the WAN > DDNS section

Is it possible to choose the entire LAN IPv6 prefix ?
The answer is yes. But there I had to change the tunnelling method.
Below is the router configuration

Here the important part is the LAN IPv6 prefix which can be entirely chosen inside the TunnelBroker /48. There I choose one /64 network which will not change. The router will take the address ending in :1 in the chosen LAN IPv6 network.

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