Manage Gandi mail alias from command line

When creating an accounts on a website, I like to have one mail address for each website.
My registrar is Gandi and I also host some mailboxes on their server.
Unfortunately, there is no catch all address available and creating an alias for a mail address is a cumbersome process using the website. I would prefer to have something more accessible, like a command line utility.

Fortunately, Gandi does provide an XML-RPC API , so I just wrote a little script to ease my alias handling.

The script is available there:

There is a sample configuration file provided, you can modify this file and rename it as $HOME/.gandimailalias.rc . You should made this file readable only by your user via chmod 600 $HOME/.gandimailalias.rc .

The usage is simple:
  • GandiMailAlias list : will list the aliases for all your configured accounts
  • GandiMailAlias add account alias: will add alias to the provided account
  • GandiMailAlias delete account alias: will remove alias from the provided account

For example, to add an alias foo to an email address the command is: GandiMailAlias add foo .

I have tested the script on Linux and OS X on python2 (require 2.7 minimum) and python3.

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